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Cannabis Farming – The Best Methods

Cannabis farming has been undertaken for many years the world over. There were however issues with legality when it came to growing cannabis in the past. This has however changed in recent times since in most countries and states, growing of cannabis has been legalized. This means that it can be grown by individual farmers for personal use. Without the necessary skill set, you will find it difficult to grow cannabis. The skills are however easy to acquire.

Let us understand the benefits of growing cannabis at home before venturing into the farming process. First benefit is that it is easy to know what is in your own cannabis as opposed to that you bought from someone else. This is so because you know the fertilizer and pesticides you used. Having your own produce therefore gives you confidence. Secondly, you have the freedom to choose the strain of cannabis to grow. This way you will only grow the strain that suits your needs.

Since cannabis is a plant just like many others, most of the conditions required for its growth also apply to other plants. The use of soil as a medium of growing cannabis is the traditional method. Use soil that has a high level of nutrients. In most cases, loamy soil is preferred. The loam soil can retain water for a long time. This way, your plants will always have water.

You should use organic matter for traditional method of growing cannabis. Organic matter comes from plant and animal remains and it has many nutrients. Such matter serves as manure once it decomposes. This ensures that the cannabis plants grow to be very healthy. Organic matter can also be used as mulching. Mulching is important since it protects the soil from direct sunlight. The cannabis plants therefore consume lots of water that is retained by the soil.

For those with limited space for growing cannabis, you can use the hydroponic gardening method. Here, soil is not the growing medium. Other media such as vermiculite and perlite are used. This is a sophisticated method that yields high production. The plants absorb nutrients that is introduced regularly into the medium. The method is known to reduce destruction of the cannabis by pests.

Cannabis kits also exist in the market. You can use the kits if you are a first time cannabis farmer. With the kit, you are well guided on how to proceed. It is easy to use the kits since they are already set. You might incur high costs in setting up the initial farm but the benefits will eventually outweigh the costs. Therefore, grow your own cannabis and enjoy the fruits of your work!

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